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Amanti del sole 100/120 cm.



Incredibly beautiful and magical, the sunflower field surpassed all the other fields with the artist’s favorite flowers … At least in her opinion, she has enclosed so much joy and harmonious color in this work of hers, that the viewer cannot do without. to remain hypnotized and smile. It is created on superior quality linen canvas, stretched with the same hands as Vanya. With the thickness of the color on the right spots, very lively and playful, this field will brighten up any space. The high canvas makes it finished and does not need a frame. Vanya is one of the most promising young artists, many say She will be among the greatest art Masters of the future. It has been a Best Seller since the first month on Singulart ,the prices have increased by 20% in the last 6 months alone. The Painting accompanied by a special gift (in this case Little painting, artist’s gadgets and watercolor bookmark). Watch the uploaded video on the YouTube channel, and subscribe to , Thank you!il



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